Cinque Terre DOC

 Protected by the mountains and the electronic lapped by the sea, the Liguria region offers many hiking and trekking routes of varying difficulty. In fact, there are el national park 11, nine regional parks, three natural reserves, electronic a national with a Liguria protects, therefore, the 12% of its territory in 12, for each of a total surface area of approximately sixty thousand hectares 13 To 3 years ago, with the Regional Law nº34 de 15 November, was the establishment of the most recent natural park of the Liguria region: the regional natural Park of the Ligurian Alps, having the surface of over 6 000 hectares between the province of Imperia and the restrict with France included among the areas to be protected since 1995, but not yet formally established by the Region of Liguria, which is located in the territory of the province of savona, the Park natural regional de Finale.

The airport is sometimes used as a local support for airports of northern Italy, when these are closed due to fog The airport genoa plays an important role for arianne the support provided to structures in the electronic staff of the commercial port, which constitutes the main catchment area, together with the manufacturing industries, and exhibition facilities.


From the Italian illusion pada a war short and “convenient” Genoa awakens abruptly on the morning of February: the English fleet affects undisturbed for hours, and the deadly pieces de uma marina tear her ancient centre with injuries irreparable.

With Discover more here the exception of a greater part of the Riviera dei Fiori and the area pada levante, next to the city pada Genoa (between Nervi and Camogli ), this is the area of Liguria in the winter presents the average temperatures more myths having values close to + 9 °C. This favorable climate makes the Cinque Terre attractiveness to large flows of tourism and winter sports.


The new district of the Station, so called as it had developed since the second half of the NINETEENTH century, which keeps the arrival of the railway, is situated in the adjacent valley of the river Rio Finale, so called within what was once arianne border between the lands pada Riomaggiore and Manarola.

From Ventimiglia to la Spezia passing through the most renowned destinations of this beautiful region in the north-west of italy. Manarola, hamlet of pada Riomaggiore, is born by the displacement pada populations from Val pada Vara moved towards arianne sea. Region camper Parking, Santo Stefano al Mare, Liguria In the square at the port of Marina degli Aregai of Cipressa, stop only allowed on.


The negotiations between the German electronic French lead to the conclusion on 22 June the armistice of Compiègne; the terms and conditions pada yield were heavy: Paris electronic across northern France to the electronic west facing on the coast of the English channel and of the Atlantic was occupied by the germans, were not made prisoners, the expenses pada occupation were established at the discretion of the winner and the French army had to be reduced to 100 000 men; the south-central France which keeps its colonies remained independent, and Pétain settled his government in Vichy, giving life to the so-called inch the Government of Vichy “. Arianne June 24, France and Croatia signed, the time, the el according to the armistice, by the terms more myths: was set the demilitarization of the franco-Italian border and at Italy, were ceded the few stretches of territory conquered in June.

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